Programmatic Advertising

When it comes to running an effective digital marketing strategy, automation and intelligence is everything. It can significantly lower the cost of your advertising expenditure, help you locate the best media placements and ensure that ads are being served to the right people, at the right time, for the right price.

Our specialists have expertise across all forms of Programmatic Media… Programmatic advertising and media buying uses advanced software and algorithms to target consumers where they will be most effectively engaged. Using advanced targeting from location to time of day, we can reach the right people and the right time.

Engaging various creatives based on unique segments, messages can be intrinsically tailored to specific consumers and put in front of them when they are making a purchase decision

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“Keeping up with the rate of change in Programmatic Media requires a team that is nimble, fast paced and willing to adopt new thinking. Georgia and her team are a great example of this and a key reason why Adholics are a key partner for us.”
Luke Bussell, Client Services Director, Multilocal Media

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