Adholics can help increase your website’s ranking in Google’s search results, helping you increase brand awareness and capture consumers at the point of conversion.

In fact, in a world where only 25% of users will click onto the second page of Google’s results, it is paramount that you are making use of all the available strategies to reach your target consumers before your direct competitors secure their sales.

Paid SEM and organic SEO focus heavily on using specific keyword marketing to place your website in front of your target market. In essence, this means that you must have detailed, data-driven insights about what your consumers are searching for most often, aside from your brand name, to find your company online. However, without the proper analytical tools and skills, this can provide to be a difficult and time-consuming process. Adholics has a proficient team who specialise in Paid Search and SEO.

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“Keeping up with the rate of change in Digital Media requires a team that is nimble, fast paced and willing to adopt new thinking. Georgia and her team are a great example of this and a key reason why Adholics are a key partner for us.”
Luke Bussell, Client Services Director, Multilocal Media

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